Summertime updates

Folks good morning, As the summer sets in I want to make sure you're staying healthy and safe with the virus still very much at large. I also wanted to provide a few updates as some of you are ending your lease terms and preparing to depart, while others are lining up to move in right behind you. Attached are documents outlining some procedures for both instances which I invite you to read to make these transitions smooth.

Departure Checklist; = for those departing, a framework to guide you thru the process.

Move-in and Move-out checklist here = for the newbies, this list will help you track necessary repairs at move-in, and serve to reflect on the condition of the home upon departure. Hang on to this.

Move-in Procedure = more for the incoming folks, more procedures to help you establish utilities and such, and make for a smooth transition as you settle in.

I wish you a fun, safe summer, and we'll be in touch as the summer advances.

Stay cool, Ohad